Valentine's Day well spent

This years valentine's day was well spent with family and friends. After almost a year had a good get together. My parents are here after a long time. So we decided to go to our friends place in New Jersey and visit some places in New York (It is my parent's first time in the east). It was extremely cold but managed to visit some places. It was a lovely day with lots of fun, good food and games night. 




Wish you all lots of love this year :) 



Day trip date to SF

The most fun I have had on a recent date was a day trip visiting the San Francisco coastline to explore the outdoors and to finally get out of the house to enjoy a change of scenery. The recent restrictions to stop the spread of COVID had my girlfriend and I experiencing a little cabin fever. We started the day off on a short 3-mile hike on the Lands’ End Trail. This beautiful coastal trail lets you see the  Golden Gate Bridge from different angles. After the hike, we hopped in the car and headed over to Crissy Field for the remainder of the day to hang out. Crissy Field is a popular park for picnics on the beach, biking, and sightseeing. If you have not visited these locations, I would highly recommend taking a day trip out on a sunny day. 



Best Dates!

The most fun I’ve had on a date is actually a recurring date between me and my husband! In Denver, Colorado they have a professional lacrosse team called the Mammoths and I have the MOST fun when we go to their games! The very first game I went to was actually in high school when me and my husband were just besties, and after that we would go to games whenever we got the chance. Just the atmosphere with so much energy, the delicious and unhealthy food, and the action packed sport always makes it a good time! And it’s a plus that the tickets are always pretty cheap ;) I don’t really know all the technical things about the sport, but it’s always so much fun! The last time we visited Colorado to see family, we even made sure to make a plan to fit a game in and I’m sure we will do the same whenever we visit again!