My First Job

The first job I've ever had was working at CVS as a cashier. It was definitely a great learning experience for me and taught me a lot of valuable experiences early on. Things that I've learned includes customer service, strategically knowing when to juggle between working cashier, restocking and tidying up, and most importantly dealing with extreme couponers. 



So Many Books, So Little Time...Except in Quarantine! 

Since the stay-at-home order started in March, my husband and I moved from a house to an apartment literally the day before the order came out, so we got unpacked and decorated our new place in the first few weeks of the quarantine - definitely the fastest I’ve ever gotten that done! Overall though, my husband and I are more home bodies than we would probably like to admit, so finding stuff to do at home wasn’t too difficult! We regularly dive into TV shows, movies, and video games so our lives didn’t differ too much in that aspect haha :) What I enjoyed the most was getting even more time to get into good books! I’ve really been into books called “Twisted Tales” that are basically classic Disney stories, but with a twist. It takes the basics of the story, like the characters and then changes the plot completely! I highly recommend if you are a Disney fan!

Some examples:
Twist on Beauty and the Beast...What if Belle’s mother is the one that cursed the Prince?
Twist on Aladdin...What if Aladdin never found the lamp?
Twist on Mulan...What if Mulan had to travel to the underworld?


Horror Stories to Calm the Mind

I've been in a video game rut lately (for like the past 3 years...), so I haven't spent a whole lot of time watching TV, reading, or listening to podcasts. I would love to tell a fun story about a scary story podcast channel though!

My husband had to have emergency surgery a few months back to have his gallbladder removed, and the nurses were having a tough time getting his heart rate down to a stable rate. This was more of a case of "hey, I'm stressed because I want to leave" but the nurses needed to be safe before releasing him. He has a tough time falling asleep and getting into relaxed states in general, and he's found that listening to horror stories usually does the trick and knocks him right out! After hours and hours, I finally remembered this and asked the nurse if it was ok if I did a super weird thing and put horror stories on my phone for him to relax to. She looked terrified, laughed, said ok, and looked terrified again all within 2 seconds. In less than one minute, he was sleeping and his heart rate eased down to a normal rate! :)

....And this is why we don't have children - "Oh no, he's fussy, can you put on his horror stories, babe?"