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Where's my order?

You can check the status of your order by clicking HERE.

How do I change or cancel my order?

We fulfill and ship all orders as quickly as possible. Usually, they are shipped within the same day if payment is received before 4:30 PST. To cancel or change an order, please call us at 888-754-3311 to ensure we do not ship the product. If the order was placed more than 24 hours ago, it's likely that your item(s) shipped already. Please visit our returns page, and we will refund you after we receive the returned item.

What is your return policy?

SlideBelts accepts returns for unused, unaltered, and undamaged items for a full refund within 45 days of the original purchase. That being said, we proudly stand behind our products and assess returns on a case-by-case basis with guest satisfaction as our highest priority. We'll always do our best to deal with each situation with the best possible judgement and fairness; we hope our guests will be fair and reasonable with us as well.

Please visit our returns page to begin the return process. Once your return has been authorized, please mail the unwanted item back to us at the following address:


5272 Robert J Mathews Parkway

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

You may use the same packaging it arrived in, or you may use any other box or padded envelope. If we have made a mistake on your order, we cover all shipping costs for returns, otherwise you will be responsible for paying all shipping costs associated with returning the item. We will refund you once we receive your order, please allow 10 business days for your return or exchange to be completed. The credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

What is your exchange policy?

We offer free exchanges within the U.S. for any problems that may come up when you first receive your belt or any of our other products. These issues include: us accidentally shipping you the wrong product (it is rare, but we are not perfect), product defects and if you simply see the order and change your mind. We DO NOT offer free exchanges for belts that have been worn and/or damaged by the user. This includes normal wear and tear, weight gain, and further modification beyond the initial fitting. To exchange your product please see “How do I exchange an item?”

How do I exchange an item?

To exchange your belt or another product, please send an email to with the following two pieces of information (Order # and the Item you need to exchange).

Order #
Your order number can be located in the order confirmation email that was sent once you completed your purchase. Search SlideBelts in your email provider and this should pop up.
Orders placed on should be a 5 digit number: XXXXX
Orders from should be a 3 or 4 digit number: XXX or XXXX
Orders purchased on should be a number formated like this: XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX
If you DO NOT have an order number, please submit your home address instead.

The item you need to exchange.
For leathers, please supply the color of the leather. Example: Dark Mocha Brown.
For buckles, please supply the name of the buckle you bought. Example: Gunmetal buckle.

Below is an EXAMPLE email of someone who sent us an email for an exchange.

Hi SlideBelts, My name is Jeff and I cut my belt too short. Can I exchange it? My order number is #34159. I bought a Dark Mocha Brown leather and cut it too short. Thank you. U guyz rock! SlideBelts 4ever! -Jeff

Don't worry, if you're missing some of the above information, we can still help you. Following the above guidelines will only decrease the amount of time required to help you with your request.

What is your warranty?

See below for warranty details on each category of product.

Do you have a price adjustment policy?

We do!
Price Adjustment Policy
If we permanently reduce the price of an item you purchased, we will gladly adjust the price for you, as long as your product was shipped within 14 business days of the price reduction.
Price adjustments are only applicable to product purchased on and prices on Product must be in stock, or on backorder or pre-order status at the time the claim is made. Price adjustment claims must be submitted within 14 business days of order shipment. We can only make one price adjustment per product.
Price adjustments do not apply to sale prices offered during a special, or limited-time, promotional event. Additional product exclusions may apply.

Coupon/Discount Code Adjustment Policy
Coupon adjustment claims will be considered if a customer has placed an order with a coupon code, but the discount was not applied. These claims must be made within 7 business days of purchase. The coupon code must have been active at the time the purchase was made.


What is a SlideBelts brand ratchet belt?

It is a high-quality belt that allows you to freely adjust the waist size without the limitation of holes. Instead of holes, SlideBelts have multiple notches which are intricately sewn onto the inside of the belt. The buckle has an auto-locking lever that catches these notches or “teeth” and secures the belt at the desired length. This gives you over 30 precise sizing options. To release the belt, you simply lift up on the buckle frame and slide the belt off. Measurements are visible on the underside of our belts as a guideline for waistband sizes. Thus, all SlideBelts can be trimmed to your ideal length.

What is the difference between Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather?

Full Grain leather is the most durable and strongest of leathers. Full Grain comes from the very top layer of the hide, just below the hair, and contains all of the tightly-packed grain. Therefore, natural marks, scrapes, and scars are occasionally visible in the leather. Also, Full Grain leather will develop a rich patina as it ages. This is more obvious with lighter belt colors. The color will acquire more dimension and beauty as you handle it. In comparison, Top Grain will not develop a patina. Top Grain leather is the second-highest quality leather you can find. It is split from the top layer of the hide and then sanded. Top Grain is more durable and stronger than Genuine, but not quite as durable as Full Grain. Also, Top Grain is slightly softer in comparison to our Full Grain leathers.

What are your buckles made of?

The base metal of our buckles is a Zinc alloy. If you want to get technical, the alloy meets the chemistry requirements of UNS-Z-33520 for a Zinc Alloy 3 (AG40A). If you don't want to look up the material data sheet for that, it's mostly Zinc (~95%), with ~3-4% Aluminum and a whole bunch of other metals making up the remainder.
And, yes! There's nickel in there.

Are your buckles interchangeable?

Our buckles are interchangeable on belt straps of the same width, though we do not recommend changing buckles every single day as this wears the strap down much faster.

Do your buckles contain nickel?

Yes, our buckles have nickel plating.

How wide are your belt straps?

We offer three different belt widths - "wide" at 1-1/2", "standard" at 1-1/4", and "skinny" at 7/8".

What is your sizing guide?

Each belt includes instructions for cutting your belt to the correct length. On the back you will see sizes: 30", 32", 34",etc. Please cut two inches above your waist size. For example. If you are 32" you will cut at 34".

What does 'Up to 48”/44"' mean?

Uncut, our belt straps are made for sizes up to either a 44" or 48” waist size, depending on the belt. All of our belts are meant to be cut to fit your exact size. Cutting directions are included, and the sizing guide is embossed on the back of the leather.

My belt is too long, what do I do?

Each of our leathers is sent out full-length for a size 48" waist, with the exception of our black and mocha brown genuine leather belts. Black and mocha brown genuine leather belts fit up to a 44" waist size. All of our belts are meant to be cut down, so don't worry! A pair of kitchen scissors should be able to do the trick. There are embossed markings on the back to help show you where to make the initial cut. Your belt comes with a sizing guide explaining which marking you should cut at for a given size. If your belt is still a little long after you make your first cut, follow these steps:

Take off the buckle.
Measure 1/2" from the edge where the buckle was attached.
Cut the leather where you measured.
Optional - You can use some sewing scissors to trim any loose threads down.
Put the buckle back on.
Try the belt on.
If the belt is still too long, please repeat 1-6 again.
If you cut too much off, please see "What is your Exchange Policy?" under Orders questions.

I need a size 50”, is there any way to get that?

At this time, our belts will only accommodate a size 48". This is due to limitations of the hides from which our leather belts are made. We are looking into the possibility of offering longer vegan belt straps in the future.

What is the warranty on your belts?

We stand behind our belts and would like every guest to be happy with their SlideBelts experience. In keeping with this goal, we offer a twelve month limited warranty on all belts purchased from authorized retailers. Within this time frame, the warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty replacements will be shipped free of charge within the continental U.S. If you have any problems with your SlideBelts purchase and are not sure if the issue is covered by the warranty, please contact us at We're happy to assist you in any way we can.
This warranty does not cover, for example: cosmetic damage, normal wear and tear, improper operation, or further size modification. For those types of issues, additional straps and buckles can be purchased separately HERE.

Where are your belts made?

With the exception of the Survival Strap, our belts, buckles, straps, and other product offerings are manufactured in Taiwan or China.
The Survival Strap is made in the USA.
All buckle engravings are done at our HQ in California.

What are Basement Belts?

"Basement Belts" are what we like to call our Factory Seconds. Factory Seconds are items that haven’t met our high-quality inspection standards due to a variety of aesthetic reasons. These aesthetic differences include but are not limited to: color variance, strap scuffs, stitching defect, scratched buckle etc. Because of this, we are listing them separately from their full-price counterparts at a discount to you. These aesthetic defects do not affect the functionality of your SlideBelt. Please refer to our Basement Belt return policy below should you experience issues with functionality.

Why won't my discount code at checkout apply to the Basement Belt in my cart?

Basement Belts are excluded from further coupons, discounts or special offers. If your cart contains both a Basement Belt and a full-priced item, the discount code should still apply to the full-priced item. See promotional-specific fine print for exclusions and further details.

Can I return a Basement Belt?

Please note we will not consider Basement Belts for returns or exchanges due to aesthetic reasons. Basement Belts are only eligible for returns or exchanges if there is a mechanical defect and the belt is not functioning properly. We are happy to assess return eligibility case-by-case within 45 days of original order date. Otherwise, all Basement Belts are sold "as is". Initiate a Basement Belt return HERE.


Are your watches waterproof?

Our watches are not waterproof but they have a water resistance of 5 ATM. We would not recommend submerging the watch in water.

What type of movement is used?

All of our watches use a Japanese Quartz Movement and are battery operated.

What are your watches made of?

The casings of our watches are made of 316L stainless steel. The glass of the watch is made of mineral glass.

Are your watch bands interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable with other bands in the same collection/width.

What are your watch bands made of?

Our leather bands are made of genuine leather and our mesh bands are made of 316L stainless steel.

What are the watch case measurements?

The cases on our men’s Classic Collection watches are 45mm in diameter and 9mm thick. Our men’s Venture Collection watch cases are 45mm in diameter and 11mm thick. While our women’s watch cases are 32mm in diameter and 5.8mm thick.

What are your watch band measurements?

Mens Genuine Leather Watch Bands:
The genuine leather bands on our mens watches are 24mm wide, 75mm in length on the 12 o’clock band and 115mm in length on the 6 o’clock band.

Mens Mesh Watch Band:
The mesh band is 24mm wide, 75mm in length on the 12 o’clock band and 115mm in length on the 6 o’clock band.

Womens Genuine Leather Watch Bands:
The genuine leather bands on our women’s watches are 15mm wide and taper to 14mm wide, 70mm in length on the 12 o’clock band and 110mm in length on the 6 o’clock band.

Womens Mesh Watch Bands:
The mesh bands on our women’s watches are 15mm wide, 70mm in length on the 12 o’clock band and 110mm in length on the 6 o’clock band.

Where are your watches made?

Our watches are designed in California and manufactured in China.

What is the warranty on your watches?

We offer a limited warranty up to 24 months from the original purchase date.
This 24 month warranty from the date of purchase covers manufacturing defects on the watch itself (not including the watch band) . Typical wear and tear occurring from normal use is not covered by this warranty. Watch water resistance is 5ATM, which doesn't include swimming or bathing. Excessive contact with water may cause damage, and will not be covered by the warranty. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Online order confirmation or in-store receipt from an authorized carrier is required. We will not accept a warranty claim if a watch has evidence of excessive wear or misuse. For questions regarding warranty replacement, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page on our website. Please specify your name, shipping address and order number, as well as a detailed description of the problem.


I bought a gift card, where is it?

All gift cards are actually a code that will be emailed to you at the email address you provided at checkout. You will not receive a physical copy.

Where do I find discount codes?

The most common place to find Discount Codes is our Newsletters. If you create an account with our website, you are given the option to opt-in for the Newsletter. We only use this to announce new products or offer discounts, NEVER spam. You can sign up HERE.

How can I submit an idea to SlideBelts?

We highly value your feedback regarding our existing products. To provide feedback please refer to the “Get in Touch” information above. However, we do not accept unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new products, product improvements, new product names, or advertising campaigns. For more information regarding our feedback and idea submission policies please refer to HERE.

Where are your retail locations?

Check them out HERE.

What does it mean that SlideBelts is a "Google Trusted Store?"

SlideBelts was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program because we've demonstrated a track record of on-time shipping and excellent guest service.
You will see a Google Trusted Store badge on our website that you can click on for more information.

Because we are a Google Trusted Store, you have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. We pride ourselves on our superb guest service; however, in the (very) unlikely event that there is an issue with your order that we cannot resolve, you can request Google’s help. Google will then work with us and you to address the issue. Google offers up to $1,000 of free purchase protection for eligible purchases.

I'd like to unsubscribe from your email marketing.

We're so sorry to see you go! At the bottom of each one of our emails you should find an "unsubscribe me from this list" button. This is the fastest way to unsubscribe. If you can't find this link and don't mind waiting to be removed from the list, feel free to reach out to us at

Payments & Shipping

Which currencies do you accept?

Payments processed through Shopify Pay can be made in USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, and GBP. Other payment methods such as Amazon Pay, Paypal, or After Pay, only support payments made in USD at this time. If you plan on paying with one of these methods, please make sure that you are viewing products in USD directly prior to checkout.

Why does the price of a product differ slightly from day to day?

All prices in currencies other than USD have the market exchange rates applied at the time of viewing. This means that prices will fluctuate with the markets.

Can I get express shipping?

Express shipping is only available within the continental U.S. Express shipping orders must be placed Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) and will arrive within 3 business days. Express shipping is via USPS Priority Express and costs $20.66 USD per order.

How long will my order take to arrive?

For U.S. addresses, products arrive within 3-8 business days after leaving the warehouse depending on the shipping method. Please note, that processing and fulfillment may take 1-2 business days prior to shipment. If you need the belt for an event, we suggest you place your order at least 10 business days in advance.

For International Orders, shipping time is often unpredictable. We can make no guarantees as to the actual ship date.

I haven't received my package. What should I do?

As the package is delivered by your local postal carrier, it might have been delayed or placed in the wrong mailbox. If you cannot find it, we first recommend reaching out to your chosen local carrier with you tracking number, they may be able to locate your package as they have the most updated information. If they cannot help you, please reach out to our guest service team at and we'd be more than happy to get you taken care of.