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The SlideBelts Difference

The strength of SlideBelts is not in our innovative products - the true strength of this company is the TEAM of people who make it happen. In the same way that a sports team loses games when they don't work together, a business team that doesn't work together will produce terrible products. SlideBelts focuses on what matters most: the people. Everything else falls into place.

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Work at SlideBelts


We are growing every day and always looking for like-minded people to join in on the crusade!

  • BBQs, Potlucks, Sushi contests
  • Balanced workload: physical + mental work
  • Generous breaks and lunches
  • Extensive training and e-commerce education
  • Music + Audiobooks when you work
  • Enjoy the latest technology
  • We respect your spine. Comfy work areas
  • Progressive pay scale
  • Family first means flexible schedules
  • Great rewards and bonuses
  • Great health benefits!
  • We're always adding more!