Good Mythical Morning

Do you like funny youtube videos? My husband, Grant, introduced me to Rhett and Link a few months ago. Their youtube channel “Good Mythical Morning” is a daily show of random funny things. They also have a podcast called “Ear Biscuits” where they tell funny stories. This is about all I can say, you just have to experience it for yourself. :)




Lifehack is one of the top motivational blogs on the web, covering inspirational and educational articles on various aspects of life like career, health, technology etc. This blog aims to help build a lifestyle in ways you are passionate and excited about. It focuses on living your life the way you desire.


They had launched a podcast recently which is hosted by the content manager of the the blog who interacts with successful role models about their personal stories of overcoming obstacles and finding success on their own terms.

If you're looking for insight on how to overcome any obstacle, this podcast is made for you.


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Cyber Security

Hello Everyone,

I recently came across a podcast called Hackable and it is definitely worth checking out. Hackable is a cyber security podcast that takes a different approach than the other cyber security podcasts that I listen to. In every episode they show how vulnerable the technology around your house is by actually hacking the items and talking through how they did it. They give tips on how to protect yourself and overall try to make it funny and educational. 

If you enjoy the subject matter and want to dig in a little deeper Malicious Life and Darknet Diaries are really good too. They are a bit more technical and dig into the events surrounding specific hacks and malware throughout the history of computing. 

Have a good week!