Red Rising

Happy Monday! I'm breaking up the podcast vibes with a book recommendation:



My boyfriend is really into sci-fi novels, so I've read a lot over the last year per his recommendations! I recently finished some of the Red Rising series and really enjoyed it. The story is set in a future planet Mars and there is an intense class system that has always been impossible to break. The books follow the resistance against this class system and a lowborn miner named Darrow who is able to infiltrate the elite "Gold" class. 
Overall, they're super fun reads! Lots of action, character development, AND they're easy reads (sometimes it's nice to just turn your brain off and read for fun 🤪).

Let me know if you've read them or plan to! ✨


Current Favorite Podcast(s)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share one of my current favorites as far as podcasts go. I have recommended this podcast to a few of you before, but it definitely is still one of my favorites. The podcast is called The Ground Up Show, narrated by Matt D'avella and staring several entrepreneurs each show. This podcast is generally focused on finances/money talk, but it also touches on the tips and tricks to creating a successful brand/company. I rather enjoy listening to these shows for helpful advice on how to save money, invest, and put your ideas out there. Anyone who is career driven and purpose driven definitely should give it a listen. There are now over 100 different recordings of his podcasts on You Tube as well! If you do check it out, enjoy! Thanks for reading :)

Good Mythical Morning

Do you like funny youtube videos? My husband, Grant, introduced me to Rhett and Link a few months ago. Their youtube channel “Good Mythical Morning” is a daily show of random funny things. They also have a podcast called “Ear Biscuits” where they tell funny stories. This is about all I can say, you just have to experience it for yourself. :)