Bring on the Heat!

Sunburns are never any fun, however, hot weather is definitely my favorite! I know we all enjoy sitting inside with the A/C cranked when it is 90 degrees plus outside, don't get me wrong, but it is a great excuse to jump in a pool or lake! I've always been a shorts person so any excuse to put some on and wear some sandals is good with me.  Plus it is great to start my day just a little earlier before the heat gets too crazy! I really enjoy archery, and with the warmer weather I can do it outside without freezing!!


I hate the heat. Give me snow any day! Okay I will say there have been a few times where I’m just way too cold. But for the most part and most my life, I very much prefer the cold. Whether it’s getting snug around a fire or going out and riding down a snowy mountain. Even as a kid I was always known as the dude that always wore shorts (no joke, I never wore jeans until like sophomore in high school!) cargo shorts and soccer shorts for life. 😇🙌 I enjoy the overclocked life (always running warm and needing the chilled weather) and wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Footage from this winter, a couple weekends ago actually!




Give Me All The Blankets!

My absolute favorite weather is cold and rainy but since we're not getting a whole lot of rainy, cold will do.. For now. I love wrapping up in a million blankets, I literally have 1-2 in every room of my house. 


On a perfect day, it would be 65 degrees or under and you'd find me in my Taco Bell onesie that's 5 sizes too big, also wrapped in blankets. I'd be playing video games or cuddling with my puppies. :)