Fall Fanatic

Hello everyone!

While Autumn may be chilly, it is absolutely my favorite time of the year (and my favorite type of weather). I love the changing scenery, crunchy leaves, cooler days, and Halloween. It is perfect for reading a book, sipping hot tea, and listening to the subtle breeze blowing outside!


Perfect Weather

Personally, extreme weather whether it be hot or cold is not for me. My preferred weather would be a sunny day somewhere between 65-75 degrees. It is perfect to have a picnic in the park or a long walk to the fridge.

Bring on the Heat!

Sunburns are never any fun, however, hot weather is definitely my favorite! I know we all enjoy sitting inside with the A/C cranked when it is 90 degrees plus outside, don't get me wrong, but it is a great excuse to jump in a pool or lake! I've always been a shorts person so any excuse to put some on and wear some sandals is good with me.  Plus it is great to start my day just a little earlier before the heat gets too crazy! I really enjoy archery, and with the warmer weather I can do it outside without freezing!!