When I lived in Moldova for almost 2 years, there were a ton of amazing people who made due with what they had. It’s the poorest country in Europe, and so some areas have it harder than others. One family taught me how to catch and cook chicken. Reenactment in a Moldovan apartment below:

At the time, it was the best source of protein available. Since that time, I’m glad to have discovered a lot more plant protein and other more humane sources of meat-like food. I’m hopeful that Moldova and other areas of the world are already making similar transitions—for the sake of the chicken, but also because it was a TON of work to do it the old fashioned way. Great memories though, and glad we get to learn and improve and progress as a human species, and find sources of food that are more sustainable & economic. Exciting times!


Chef Air Fryer

I am the type that will burn the kitchen down from just making my cereal. I know, my poor husband... I feel bad for him too. Luckily, he's a fantastic cook and has a whole lot of patience when teaching me things!


I've been starting out pretty slow but I'm trying to introduce more balanced meals, veggies and I still don't quite have the best relationship yet. We're getting there though! Most of our meals lately have included chicken or salmon and I knock it out in our awesome little air fryer! That's cooking... Right? I just cooked some frozen chicken recently, shredded it, and made spicy BBQ chicken sandwiches, they were the! To anyone who's relying on their partner for the noms, get yourself an airfryer, it's so easy that even I can do it! 



Strange Flavors!


One of the most interesting aspects of this summer has been the various combinations of foods and flavors either rarely, or just never seen together, show up at stores all over!  



That's not to say these new and bold creations are bad. Either by necessity of staying home, or spontaneous genius, many these products are worth trying out at least once as you may never see them again!

One in particular has gotten my attention: Watermelon sorbet with chocolate chips.


I personally love watermelon on it's own, and as an ingredient. I've had it in smoothies and certain drinks, but not ice cream and certainly not with chocolate!
And honestly, it's not bad. It's not the best ice cream out there, of course that's only reserved for Dole Pineapple whip, but it certainly does help keep you refreshed on a cool day, and with a hint of dark chocolate every so often.

Among all the new and upcoming snacks and delights, the strange flavored ones are something to keep an eye out for.