May Entertainment Recommendations

Here are a few of my current entertainment recommendations - let me know if you check any of them out!
Podcasts: Supernatural with Ashley Flowers: This is a fun one for spooky, unsolved, and unexplainable real life mysteries. One particularly weird episode was on the Dyatlov Pass incident, where a group of hikers in Russia in the 50s met a creepy and unexplained ending.
Movies: This one is a guilty pleasure, but the Catfish documentary finally popped up on Netflix, and it didn’t disappoint. This is the original documentary from 2010 that sparked the MTV show that followed it. If you at all like the show or the host, Nev, it’s interesting to see his own experience with a catfish and how it affected him all those years ago. 
Books: I’ve been re reading World War Z, and it’s kind of crazy some of the similarities between that story and current events, including the origin of the “virus,” certain steps taken by the government and media, the self quarantining, and the huge recession that it sparked. *Cue Twilight Zone jingle*

Happy Quarantine 😊

This work from home has been pretty good for me. Honestly I was feeling a bit rough to be alone in my room all the time. No matter what I did to divert my focus, be it a walk or baking trials etc was always feeling lonely. Since work from home was issued I got a chance to be with my family. My sister has a 4 year old and a 6 month old at home. My breaks were involved with hugs and kisses from little ones or her doggy pushing herself on me for belly rubs. Lunch breaks were no more sad. No matter how busy we all were, we will have our meals together. By 8pm kids will be asleep and we will have time for ourselves watching Netflix or news together or doing anything fun. Last weekend we celebrated my niece’s 4th birthday at home. It was so much fun. We baked her cake at home. Decorated till 1am and in the morning, family from India joined us for celebration through video calls. We tried doing group video calls and still ended up with 6 devices. There were so many people. It was a new and fun experience. This little change made me feel so good. Being quarantined with our family or friends or even a person to talk is a blessing. 

Here are some happy pictures of happy quarantine. 


Staying busy

I don't know about you guys but times are getting pretty rough over here in the Edwards household. Ashley and I are not the best co-workers. She likes it nice and quiet and well... You guys know me :). We decided to do a little front yard project last weekend so that has taken up a lot of our time outside of work. Making sure we get outside for a walk or workout or yardwork as of lately definitely helps keep us from going crazy inside all day. I hope everyone is staying safe during these crazy times and can't wait to get back to normal sooner than later. Have a great day and be safe!