Interesting Fact

Hi All!

Happy Holidays!


So I feel that many people already know this about me but I am obsessed with all things Disney!


Disney movies, Disneyland, all the things Disney. I have spent way too much time at the Disney Store in Roseville. I just love escaping in to that world where magic exists and everything is colorful and bright and happy.



Subject of interest

Hello All,

I really enjoy learning about history.  The time period that I am most interested in is classical antiquity.  I like learning about the different cultures and the ways of life during that time period.  Its interesting to learn the Mythologies of the time as well. Reading The Iliad and Odyssey had a big impact on me growing up. I think looking into the past and taking the time to see where we have come from can give a person value.





All About Me!

This topic is super exciting for me! Being remote is tough because I only get small doses of the SlideBelts crew and I always want more. Instead of giving you just one thing about me, I decided to come up with my top 5!


1. I'm colorblind! Most of you already knew this but when I tell people this for the first time, I think they get thrown off because my hair is so colorful. I have never known the color purple but somehow it's my favorite color. I always hold it up to my hubby and go, "oooo, pretty. What color is this!?" and it's ALWAYS purple. 

2. I've been with my guy for more than half my life, we were high school sweethearts. Gross, I know... 

3. I'm a huge horror/gore fan. My eyes lit up during the Saw movies and that's how I found out I'm a weirdo. Not a fan of real blood though, I get a lot of anxiety that the person's in a lot of pain. 

4. I'm studying Mortuary Science to become a mortician. Did I mention I was a weirdo? I also have a degree in Psychology.

5. I'm a bit of a neat freak and really stress when things are unorganized. 


Thanks for learning about little ol' me! :)