Lauren Almeida

Lost in the Woods

On Monday, I trekked down to Marin County to visit Muir Woods National Park for Free Admission Day (not that it mattered, shoutout government shutdown). It was the perfect day -- was sunny after a week of downpour to create an almost rainforest-like environment.


The forest was stunning, with towering redwoods, lively streams, and a refreshing balance of sunny spots and woodsy-mist. A nice bonus was that there was absolutely no cell service in the park, so it forced everyone to take it all in rather than getting wrapped up in finding the perfect gif/filter/caption/etc and missing out on the moment.


I walked in expecting a relaxing stroll, but I got distracted from the main path and insisted I followed a sign that lead to something called "Fern Creek". It sounded harmless, but it turned out that trail lead me out of the park and towards the opposite way, which I didn't realize until a hiker I came across half an hour into the trail asked, "does this lead to Muir Woods?" The hiker was in full gear, Merrell Boots and all, and I was out of breath trying to keep it cool in my muddy sneakers. No regrets though, as I got my steps in and some amazing views due to the steep hike. Definitely recommend visiting - it's just a little north of the Golden Gate, just follow the trail if you're not prepared for a challenging trek... 


Fun fact: the average age of the coastal redwoods at Muir Woods is between 600 to 800 years, with the oldest being at least 1200 years old!

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