Outside Best Companies & Riley Curry is my spirit animal: Part II

This is the last Wednesday that your loop post will have anything to do with Outside Magazine's Best Companies survey, I promise. As of Monday we were 67% completed...which means there are a few stragglers who haven't yet submitted their survey [this is where last week's Riley Curry "I see you" Vine would come in handy].


The survey is due this Friday, but let's do our best to get everything submitted before then to avoid last minute rushing. There's been quite a bit of leg work to do leading up to this survey, so I would realllllyyyyy appreciate anyone who hasn't yet completed the survey to spend just 15 minutes to practice key #6 and get 'er done today :D


Thank you all in advance! To express my gratitude, here's another Riley Curry GIF - if you're feeling tired today you're not the only one, but you can always whip and/or nae nae to wake yourself up:








Tuesday, June 14th. The power of the P’s.

Good Morning Crusaders!


Whatever goals you want to achieve, you can do it. Adjust your mindset. Each day is another chance to get after it. What will you do today to set yourself up for success?







Start the week off like a champion.

I was reading a blog this weekend about successful entrepreneurs and some of their routines. Here's just a few things that I found many of them do to start their week!

1. Wake up early
2. Exercise
3. Eat a healthy breakfast
4. Arrive early
5. Clear your desk and desktop
6. Carve out time for unexpected projects and tasks
7. Greet your team members
8. Update to-do lists and goals
9. Visualize the weeks success
10. Screen emails for urgent requests
11. Tackle the tough challenges first
12. Smile
13. Say no
14. Stay focused
15. Remember that there is always Tuesday

Happy Monday Team!