Rick Lilley


This is Zaphod Beeblebrox and he is the president of the universe. I did not grow up in a house with pets so he is the only pet that I have ever had. I was not instantly on board with the thought of getting a cat but Sarah pleaded for a couple of years until I finally gave in. He is a rescue, we got him almost seven years ago when he was six months old. We think his early life was pretty rough. He hid in the bathroom behind the toilet for a week when we first got him. Now a days he pretty much runs the house, but he does hate closed doors. If any door is closed he will scratch and meow at it until it is opened. His other hobbies include sleeping (in random places and positions), opening doors (he reaches under the door and pulls or catches his paw on the lip of the cabinets and opens those too), "talking" (he does not really meow, his noises are shorter and more aggressive), hiding (at even the slightest noise or if any one other than close family is in the house), swatting at my wife or I if we walk by him and most importantly eating/begging for treats.

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