Anna Jobson

Mt cats

As it stands, I have something of a farm/zoo going on at my house. We have five goats, three cats, two chickens, two dogs and one pig. So that’s about thirteen animals that we have. But to keep this rather short and sweet Ill stick to my favorite type of domesticated animals, my house cats. Two of them were rescue cats and one just walked in one day and never left.

The one that walked in is our only male cat. I’m not sure of his age but he’s what you would call a mouser. His name is Genghis Khan. When we gave him that name, we had no idea how fitting it would be because his favorite activity is hunting for pray. Like I said. He’s what’s called a mouser. But don’t let his little murdering ways get you to thinking he’s a mean cat. He’s a huge love bug and he sleeps 95% of the time.

Next we have our Boobahs. I found her about three years ago abandoned near my old workplace. She was about three to four weeks old at the time. In the time that she’s been living in our house she’s developed a weird personality. She’s not big on affection but loves having her chin rubbed, but she will straight up push your hand down/away if she does not want to be touched. She’s big on personal space…Well her own personal space. Shell lay right on your face if she feels so inclined.

Finally, our newest baby! Purrsephone. This little baby came to us due to someone tossing her out of their moving car. A friend of mine found her and came to us for help. Since we had already hand raised Boobahs we decided to do it again for this little. She was about five weeks old and a purr machine. She tends to want to be right in my face and she will sleep under my chin whenever she gets the chance. Its been a bit of an adjustment for our other cats but they are starting to come around.

All in all, they are all my favorites. <3
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