Bryan Galyardt

Which Ratchet Belt is Right for Me?

With so many ratchet belts out there, it is hard to know which one is right for you and your unique style. With options from canvas to full-grain leather, it can be difficult to know which belt to start with. Here are a few quick tips to help guide you on your journey of belt discovery!


SlideBelts offers a wide range of strap and buckle options to make sure they complement every outfit. It doesn’t matter if you're rocking some skinny jeans at the skate park or a dress on a first date, there’s a SlideBelt for you!


The base unit that they offer is their animal-friendly ratchet belt. This 1 ¼ inch wide belt looks good on your jeans, but can also be worn to the office every day. With buckle options like the classy silver, gunmetal, and gold to the subtler matte black, these combinations are a must have.


Recently, SlideBelts redesigned and upgraded their 7/8 inch wide skinny belt collection. Now offering the most #ontrend strap colors and four new buckles, these will be an instant classic for any wardrobe!


Last but definitely not least, is SlideBelts Survival Belt. Seeing as they just released the Survival Belt 2.0, this would be a great opportunity to “out belt” all your friends. This bad boy comes with a heavy-duty face plate, knife with blade lock, flash light, fire starter, and bottle opener. Match that with a weather resistant, 1 ½ inch wide strap that can offer almost 1500 psi of tensile strength and this is a belt that will work as hard as you do.


Now I know it's hard to choose which SlideBelt to start out with, as there are many options. The best part about having a SlideBelt is the interchangeability of the straps and buckles. You can always buy a simple strap and just change out your buckles for different events, or you could have a favorite buckle and just change leather straps to get that perfect match with your outfit. No matter which ratchet belt you choose, you’ll be happy that you went with SlideBelts!


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