Bryan Galyardt

What Is A Ratchet Belt?

What a very good question! A Ratchet Belt is just a type of belt with no holes, where you have a ratchet system that locks into place using a mechanism inside the buckle. These belts maintain their position by using a metal latch inside the buckle to hold onto the teeth along the leather strap. This gives the user the freedom of having thirty ¼” adjustments in size, as apposed to a traditional belt with only five to seven 1” adjustments. This means no more punching holes in leather, as a SlideBelts Ratchet Belt will always be a perfect fit!


Ratchet belts can be handy throughout the day with any fluctuation in weight, or if you are just looking for a clean look without any ragged traditional holes. These perfect-fit belts can be easily adjusted to loosen after a meal or tighten up before you leave the office. SlideBelts use a patented buckle system, where our dual-lever ratchet allows for an easy release of the buckle. Compared to the other, hard-to-reach release buttons of most ratchet belt companies, SlideBelts has the easiest and most intuitive design. Without those holes in the leather, SlideBelts can even last much longer than traditional belts.


Now that you know the basics, its time to see which SlideBelt is right for you! With options in Animal-Friendly, Canvas, Top-Grain Leather, Full-Grain Leather, and weather resistant Survival Strap, the choice is purely based on personal style and what you want this ratchet belt for. SlideBelts offers smooth full-grain leather that would pair well with any job interview, as well as a Survival Belt that comes with a knife, flashlight, fire starter, and bottle opener for every hiker or outdoor enthusiast. Take a look at our website, at, to find your match today!


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