Missa Romero

Swimming with Sea Turtles

On my trip to Maui I was lucky enough to swim next to a family of Green Sea Turtles and I just wanted to share some fun facts about these amazing animals.


  • they can weigh up to 500lbs
  • only 1 in 5000 hatchlings survives incubation
  • can grow up to 5ft
  • their average lifespan is 80 years
  • they are regularly found resting under underwater ledges, basking on beaches, and nibbling on algae in shallow waters
  • despite their name, green sea turtles do not actually appear “green” – at least from the outside. Instead, the name “green” comes from the color of their internal fat tissue, which is green due to a diet that primarily consists of algae


    The best snorkel spots in Maui to swim with sea turtles are Makena, aka “Turtle Town”, Olowalu, and Honolua.


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