Kenny Boutte-Nears

Apple > $1,000,000,000,000

Last week Apple became the world’s first trillion-dollar company. Let’s attempt to put some context around this insane amount of money.

-  With a trillion dollars, you could buy 1 billion iPhone X’s.
-  Apple could give all 325 million people in the United States a check for $3,076.92.
-  Apple is now over triple the size of Samsung. (Insert iOS is better than Android joke).
-  Disney, Netflix, and AT&T could all be bought by Apple and it would still have $450 billion left over.
-  Apple could erase two-thirds of the nation’s student loan debt.

Being the first to a trillion dollars is certainly an amazing feat. I just have one question, with all that money, can Apple hire someone to design a charging cord that won’t fray within a year? That'd be great, mkay.

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