Michelle Khan

Stinky Creatures

Happy Friday everyone, get your tissues ready!


I currently have two pups, Powder and Sugar, but today I wanted to talk about my ferret, Cooper. I think I've mentioned Minnie and Cooper before (my dad helped name them, he was a little excited about his newly owned Mini Cooper) but I can never talk about them enough!


Minnie was my first ferret and she was an angel. Cooper came a year or so later and he was the biggest brat ever! Minnie was extremely lazy and independent, Cooper was wild and overwhelming. While Minne was my first, Cooper was a challenge and quickly became my baby bear. He was so goofy and stupid (lol), he loved jumping on things even though he never made it and would fall down. I honestly have no idea how he never got hurt. Ferrets do this super cute noise, it's called "dooking". This is not to be confused with the noun, dookie, that's something completely different. He did an alarming amount of that too though! Whenever Cooper was playing or running, he would always dook and spaz out. It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! 


Ferrets don't live very long, typically about 4-7 years and unfortunately, I lost my Coopie after around 3 years. He was absolutely fine one morning and then couldn't even move to eat or go potty that same night. We took him to the vet and they let us know that Cooper had gastrointestinal disease and most likely wouldn't make it through the night. This was EXTREMELY hard on me, it broke my heart. I spent the next 36 hours cuddling with him, I got no sleep. Just a month or so later, I also lost my Minnie. 


I fall in love with animals so easily, they're all amazingly different! Anytime I lose a pet, it's seriously like I'm losing a member of my family but I also think of how lucky I am to have had that pet in my life/family, to begin with. I miss my stupid dooking bear every day, I miss how he would lick my arm and then bite it the very next minute. Love you Coopie! 


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