Brenda Rangel

Second day of Spirit Week has officially started!

How cool is it that you can roll out of bed and be ready for work? Ah, mega awesome, that's how cool! To help keep with our awesome theme, I've tailored today's loop around pajama facts/trivia. So cozy up with your coffee, hot cocoa, hot tea, or whatever beverage it is that you have each morning and enjoy the following facts/trivia. 


- Apparently, the term pajama bottoms or pajama pants are unnecessary as pajamas originated as loose pants, tied at the waist. In other words, no need to include bottoms or pants, as the term pajamas already indicates it. 

- Who were the first to wear pajamas? That trophy goes to the men and women of Turkey, India, and Iran.

- Onesies (footed pajamas) originated when people began sewing socks to the bottom of their pajamas. They started doing so, not just to keep their feet warm but to also prevent bugs like termites from nibbling on their toes. 

- Pajamas were such the rage back in the early 1900s that fashion designer, Paul Poiret, created silk pajamas to be worn out in public during the daytime, as well as in the evening. Today, in some Asian countries, people still like to wear full pajama sets out in public.  

- Kigurumi are pajamas made to look like giant stuffed animal costumes, a trend popular in Japan.  

- Wondering when you can wear your pajamas to work again? April 16th, the day after taxes are due in the United States is National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day! 

- Oh, and in honor of our company lunch day, National Waffle Day is August 24th.  


*On a side note, great job yesterday team!! All those crazy, wacky, and creative hairdos definitely got Spirit Week off to a stylish start.  Now onto our pajama/waffle party!!


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