Alex Gayman

Guest Post!

My girlfriend/adventure partner, Sarah, and I recently took a trip to the small country of Iceland. Yes, I know, 'Why Iceland?!' We got this a lot when we told friends and family about our trip. The plan originated from Sarah's grandmother, who told us about her own story while traveling the country. She told us about driving what is known as the 'Ring-Road'. This road travels around the entire outer rim of the country making a full loop with itself, which also makes it perfect for an epic road trip. We had to do it! So we rented a van, packed up a couple bags, some climbing gear, a little bit of photography gear, and flew to Iceland. We gave ourselves 2 weeks to make it around the country, which in my opinion was a perfect amount of time.
Along our road trip we saw 52,200,540 sheep (this is a fake number, but probably close, there were so many sheep), miles and miles of beautiful coastline, geothermal areas including: fissures, hot springs, and the rank smell of sulfur. We got to experience glaciers up close and personal, rain/fog/wind storms while on sketchy dirt roads, mountains upon mountains upon mountains, glacier fields, Puffins (aka the cutest birds in the world, look em' up if you want a quick mood boost), the most epic and powerful waterfalls I've ever seen, river gorges so deep and so wide it was breathtaking, and so so so much more. I encourage all of you to at least consider visiting this beautiful country and getting to see a geography unlike any other out there, you won't be disappointed.
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