Alex Gayman

Put Yourself Out There, Buy a Plane Ticket.

Hey Crusaders, As we are amidst the throes of reviews, a few position changes are taking place that we wanted to keep you in the loop about. The first is Emmeline's new role as our eCommerce Product Data Coordinator (EPDC perhaps?) Basically, Emmeline will be upholding the 5 basics on our website and other online marketplaces, having an eagle eye for our listings and making sure they're running at full accuracy and efficiency. If you see something amiss with any of our listings, she's the person to take it up with! And we also have Gabby transitioning into our Executive Administrator role, where her Administrative super powers will take a higher level to help out more closely with the Executive team. Other office duties may be passed off as necessary. 
Congrats to these two!  
I got the chance to backpack through the country of Guatemala for 2 weeks alongside my good friends, a few of which were born and raised there. This allowed me the opportunity to experience the country from a 'locals' perspective, which meant staying at relative's houses, home cooked meals, and overall, tourist free experiences. For example, the picture below was taken from inside the bed of a pickup truck owned by my friend's brother who lived in Guatemala (this was our main mode of transportation, don't tell my mom). Between exploring coffee plantations, hiking volcanoes, riding in sketchy taxi buses (aka 'Chicken Buses'), staying in a new hostel pretty much every night, and experiencing natural hot springs high up in the mountains, the country had so much to offer I sadly couldn't do everything.
I travelled to the country not knowing a lot about it's history or what it really had to offer culturally or geographically. I was however, able to take so much away from the trip after it was over. Taking the plunge and buying a plane ticket to a distant land is one of the best investments one can make. It sets a date for you to look forward to, to plan for, to get excited about, and most importantly a chance to learn new things about yourself (the good and the not so good ;) 




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