Brenda Rangel

How to Improve Productivity

If you're anything like me, sometimes it can be a struggle to stay focused throughout the day. Sure we all try to be as productive as possible but, sometimes, it can just simply be a bit of a challenge to remain connected and focused on our work. Distractions, unforeseen tasks, and procrastination are among some of the many reasons why we tend to lose our focus. 

Well, not too long ago, I read up on how one can improve productivity while at work. And since it wouldn't hurt any of us to know how we can improve on our productivity levels, I thought I share some of the simple hacks I found most interesting. 


- Don't multitask. Take on one thing at a time to avoid being sucked into a time trap. Creating a to-do list can help with this hack. 

- Chew some gum. Try to keep a pack of gum near you, as chewing gum boost concentration. 

- Have something green around you. Because the exposure to the color green makes people more productive, aim to incorporate something green around your work space. A plant is a perfect tool for this!

- Make sure you're taking your breaks. Taking your mind off work for a short period of time will help you make the most out of your working time. 

- Invest in a "fidget toy" or stress ball. Purchase a "fidget toy" or a stress ball to improve your focus and productivity...I think this means we should all get fidget spinners . 

- And last but not least, sneak in a piece of dark chocolate whenever you can. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that slow cognitive decline and also has caffeine which can boost concentration...this will now be the reason why I have my hand in the candy jar...just trying to boost my concentration guys . 


These are only a few hacks to keep in mind. There are dozens and dozens of more techniques you can utilize and practice. And should you utilize one and it doesn't quite work for you, move on to the next one and keep going until you find the one(s) that work best for you. 

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