Courtney Eilhardt

401(k)'s and Batman-Moms

So as you all know, SlideBelts now offers a 401(k), and whether you’re eligible now or will be in the near future, it’s a pretty cool perk. The other day as I was setting mine up, picking my contribution percentages and beneficiaries, I stopped to think to myself “Wow, this is awesome. I’m in my early 20’s and already planning for retirement. I’m so adulty right now.”


Fast forward a few days later. I’m meandering through TjMaxx when I walk through an aisle and right into the line of fire from a furious mother scolding her children who were misbehaving. She had that crisp anger in her voice that only a mother can come up with as she said very loudly “You kids have both lost your privilege of getting anything here today!” Immediately, a shiver went down my spine, and flashbacks came flooding into my mind of the times I had received similar scoldings as a kid.


As I scurried away from the aisle as fast as I could, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud about my involuntary reaction to the scene. It baffled me how I could feel so “grown up” some days, and then all it took was overhearing one livid remark from a mother to instantly bring me back to 6 years old for a second.


I think here at SlideBelts it can often seem like these two scenarios. Some days we feel like pros and that we’ve got our daily tasks down; like we could do them in our sleep. And then other days something comes up that makes you remember that maybe you’re not as “grown up” as you thought. It’s important to know that this kind of wake up call happens to everyone here, top to bottom, and that we’re all learning and growing in each department, at our own pace, and that’s perfectly fine! Lastly, it made me appreciate you parents out there, so kudos to you guys. My sister who is a mom said this meme is pretty accurate when it comes to parenting, so I tried to keep it in mind for that scary mom in TjMaxx:

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