Cassidy Myers

Hiking vs. Walking

While in Tahoe last week on our annual family vacation hike, I spent a decent amount of time wondering what the difference between hiking and walking really is? 


Is hiking just aggressive walking? Is it walking in nature? Wandering amongst the places of the earth that are still wild, having not yet been turned into apartment complexes or strip malls?


Walking is our most basic form of movement. From the time we are toddlers and take our first steps, walking becomes the foundation for everything - the motion from which all else flows. So if walking is the bedrock of our being, why do we need another name for the activity we do when we wander amongst the lakes and the valleys and the mountains and the deserts, the earthly masterpieces that have been around for millions of years. 


In this age of immediate convenience, have we become so accustomed to staying in our comfortable suburban bubbles that we need a specific name for the times that we get outside and live again in nature?


Anyways, these are the things that go through my mind on family hikes (strenuous walks in nature?). If you have any thoughts or insight onto this internal hike vs. walk debate, I'd love to hear it!


Editor's note: I had another version that was written much better and far more eloquently, but Shopify kicked me off when I went to insert the picture and I lost it all [insert the angriest emoji face here]. 


A picture from my camera roll of my favorite place in nature - Oregon's Columbia River Gorge.


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