Brandi Perez

Time is a Tricky Thing

One important lesson that I have learned since having my son is that time truly flies by. I always thought I understood this concept but after having Luca, I learned I didn’t. I feel like I often took time for granted. I wasted it worrying about small insignificant things that didn’t really matter, being frustrated or upset about things, spending time on social media when I was out with friends or at family gatherings, the list goes on and on. Then enters Luca and it finally truly clicks. This small little being that takes up all my time (and I absolutely love it) yet I feel like on some sort of spectrum that time has simply escaped me. I wanted so badly to quickly get passed the all-nighters where he would cry and cry and now, I wish I would have embraced those all-nighters, crying and all, and soaked them up instead of wishing for some sleep. Because now, I feel like I blinked and he is 9 months old. (How is this possible?!) Time goes by way too fast and we often wish we can speed through certain phases of life or specific situations, but we can never get that time back. I know this may seem trivial and a no brainer to some, but I have just recently learned to live in the moment and truly enjoy everything as it happens. The bad and the good. Because in every situation there is something that we can learn and treasure. So, I challenge all of us to take time this weekend to enjoy whatever it is we are doing and be all in.



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