It's the little things...

Don't forget to acknowledge your little victories, celebrate them! One day those small victories will add up to be HUGE!
Ate good all week? Treat yourself with a massage or new cloths.
Finished a big project at work? Go eat at your favorite restaurant or get yourself your favorite beverage one morning or night.
Try not to get caught up with whats ahead or whats coming and celebrate your day to day accomplishments now.
We had a great week this week! PGS's we all should be celebrating this weekend for zeroing out Guest Service. Great job gangI #slideon

スライヅ ベルト (SildeBelts)


This old Japanese sayings is one of my favorites and with all the things have been thrown our way in the warehouse it is very applicable. No matter how stressful something becomes, perseverance is the key.  As long as you continue to try you will succeed.  



For the first time ever, I forgot to write a loop post yesterday. Is it too late now to say sorry?

The Biebs aside, it's Wednesday, everyone! Have an awesome day, team. (Next Wednesday's loop will be better, I promise).

At least I know Riley Curry will save me: