Bryan Galyardt

Women’s (and Men’s) Leather Belts

Hey Crusaders! I know this is information that most of you already know, but it is part of an educational/ informational series that we are trying. Party on my friends!
SlideBelts has always stood behind the fact that all the belts we offer are unisex, meaning that anyone can comfortably wear any style of our belts. The only difference in our belts is the width of strap and style of buckle. We're proud to offer a variety of different widths and materials for our straps, at a wide range of price points. This makes it easy to mix and match your belt style depending on your outfit on any given day.
Skinny Belts with Skinny Buckles
We've recently redesigned our entire Women's Skinny Belt line, making them even more stylish and functional. These Skinny Belts are a width of 7/8”, making it the lightest SlideBelt yet. New buckle colors include Gunmetal, Gold, and Rose Gold, in addition to the classic Silver buckle to go with new, on-trend colored Straps. With colors like Sage, Merlot, Blush, and the classic Black, these Skinny SlideBelts are an easy choice for women, and even some men who prefer a slimmer belt.
Top Grain Belts with Square Buckles
A growing number of female guests seem to really like the higher quality of the new 1-1/4” wide Top-Grain Leather belts with a subtler Square Buckle. This option offers a wider, more durable leather, while still having a smaller, lighter buckle than SlideBelts standard rectangle buckles. With 3 color options in Walnut, Brown, and Black, these Top-Grain Leather SlideBelts are easily matched to any business or casual attire.
Vegan Belts with Square Buckles
We're proud to announce our newest offering: Vegan Belts! These Vegan straps come in black, brown, white, navy, steel grey, red, orange, and even distressed black. This is a less expensive option compare to the premium leather selection, while also allowing animal lovers to enjoy the style and functionality of a SlideBelt. These belts are a perfect option for anyone who wants a professional looking SlideBelt, while also helping promote a sustainable alternative to leather.
The bottom line is that SlideBelts offers a huge selection of straps and buckles. The choice ultimately comes down to taste and what you think is the best belt for you. Having these belts in so many righteous colors, why box yourself into categories like “men’s” and “women’s” when you can slide your style up a notch with any SlideBelt.
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