Bryan Galyardt

Why Should You Choose a Ratchet Belt?

When it comes to keeping your pants in place any traditional belt could get the job done. When we want something functional, we sometimes forget to think about style. Why settle for the regular way when you could have both function and style in one easy-to-use package? Here are some reasons why you should choose SlideBelts ratchet belt.


A traditional style belt has about 5 to 7 holes punched in it. That means that you only have 5 to 7 size options. A SlideBelts ratchet belt has roughly 6x the amount of size options, making for a perfect fit every time you wear it. Rather than having a strap made for anyone in your general size, get a belt that feels custom made for only you. There is no reason to live between holes with a SlideBelt in your closet.


SlideBelts offers the highest quality leather to choose from. With a wide range of straps starting with vegan and ending in full-grain, the options are almost endless. These options include rustic patters like Hickory and Cayenne, while also offering a smooth collection that compliment any office outfit. I think It’s time to trash that old stretched out leather with holes and update your style while also updating your belt technology.


Every SlideBelt can be changed out for a different strap or buckle. This allows for easy interchangeability depending on the outfit or occasion. Let’s not forget that each buckle also has a bottle opener on them, you know, just in case. It doesn’t matter if your wanting to look good in a wedding or just going to get drink, your SlideBelt is just the thing to pull that outfit together.


A belt seems like something that needs no improvements, but it should be both functional and stylish. A SlideBelts ratchet belt has just over 30 adjustable sizes, the highest leather quality, and can be changed out at any time. They offer a more customized option, while still functioning the same as dad’s old belt. With these reasons being just the start, it seems like ratchet belts are here to stay. Rethink what your belt can be, and discover your match at



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