Kim Fong

Wedding Weekend

Wedding bells are ringing from all over! It seems to be wedding galore lately.  First, shout out to Jesselle and Josh who get married on Monday!

In the past few months I’ve been in at least three different weddings.  This Saturday I’ll be in another wedding for a college friend.  Let me start off and say: Being asked to be a Bridesmaid is an honor. However, it can be stressful.  It is a bit tough and time consuming on any person, if you ask any ‘Bride to Be’ it is a load of work.  Here’s some quick tips to be the best bridesmaid:

  • Volunteer to help in any way you can. Even if it is the small things, like holding the rings or bringing tide to go pens and bobby pins. Always agree to help as best you can! Any little thing is helpful.
  • Be a team player - Coordinate with other Bridesmaids/Maid of Honor to figure out what to bring, times for rehearsal and scheduling needed for the wedding day.
  • Stand by the bride’s side. Remember it is about the Bride, ALWAYS! She asked you to stand up by her on a very special day. Main job of a bridesmaid is making sure other people are happy, especially the bride.
  • Don’t forget the Groom! It is his big day make sure his groomsmen are keeping him in line. Or last resort water down the alcoholic drinks.
  • Make sure your dress/suit fits before the wedding day! It would be terrible to show up and it doesn’t look good. You represent them and yourself. Look Sharp!
  • Don’t complain to the bride. She is already stressed to the max, do not add any more to her plate.
  • Get a good gift! Who doesn’t like gifts?
  • Make sure to have fun and dance!

No matter what happens on the wedding day, she will still be your close friend afterwards. You are there to support your friend and join the happy couple on a fun and festive day.  On the weeding day you want to stay calm, smile, laugh and everything will run smooth-ish once everyone gets up to dance!


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