Brenda Rangel

Try It Tuesday!!

love random life tips/hacks. They're right up there, next to random facts for me. Aside from being helpful, I mainly enjoy them because they're usually intriguing, surprising, and entertaining, they're hardly ever boring to read and they always tend to leave me wanting to try them out. 

Below are just some of the few I've most recently ran into. Give them a quick glance and see if any of them interest you and if they're worth a try. 


- Not in the mood to hear annoying ads on the gas pump TV? There should be four buttons on the right-hand side of the screen, press the second button from the top to mute the ads and pump your gas in peace. 

- Need to nail something onto your wall but don't have a stud finder? Use a magnet to find nails and screws in your wall. Once you find the nails and screws, you'll know where the studs are. 

-Forgot your glasses and need to see something across the room? Use your phone camera to take a picture and zoom in to see the image. 

-Feeling groggy and don't know how to shake it? Try having a drink, most of the time you feel groggy because you are dehydrated. 

-Stuck in a traffic jam? Pay attention to which lane the 18 wheelers are using. They have radios and usually let each other know which lanes to avoid. 

-In a bad mood and wish you could change it? Put a pencil in your mouth, it will activate the muscles you use when smiling, which will trick your brain into boosting your mood.

-Doing dinner and a movie as a first date? Go to the movie first. You'll have something to talk about during dinner. 

-High interest in the house you're hoping to buy? Include a personal letter to the seller when submitting an offer for a higher chance of landing the house. 

-In a rush and just hit a red light? Some traffic lights have light sensors, if you flash your lights rapidly it'll think you're an emergency vehicle and turn green.

-Left an awkward voice message and wish you could redo it? Simply press #3 and re-record your message. 


Alright guys, hopefully, there was a helpful tip/hack somewhere in there that you'd like to try out. I've personally tried out the second to last one and it has already worked twice for me! Unless I'm just lucky, then it hasn't worked for me. 

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