Courtney Eilhardt

This week though..

So..if you haven't noticed, it's a little toasty outside this week. It's crazy how extreme temperatures seem to have a crippling effect on our energy and motivation sometimes. So to beat the heat this week, I looked up some out-of-the-box ways to keep cool. Aside from the obvious "drink more water" there are some pretty interesting ways to battle a seemingly inevitable heat stroke. 

Eat Spicy Food:

Though it seems counterintuitive, spicy food makes you sweat without raising your internal body temperature, and sweating is the body's way of cooling down. This is actually why many desert cultures often have spicy food on the menu frequently.

Eat Small Portions:

Eating large heavy meals rears your digestive system into motion, which creates internal body heat.

Eating smaller more frequent meals will not make your body work as hard and hot to digest the food.    Know Your Body's Quick-Cooling Spots: If all that eating of small spicy foods fails you, try cooling down your body quickly with an ice cube at body's quick-cooling spots. These are spots where the skin is thin and the pulse is close to the skin. By pressing an ice cube to these spots, you can quickly lower the temperature of your blood and overall body. See the diagram for these pulse spots:                                                                                                                                                                         PS: If allllll of that fails, you can do as I do and resort to consuming excessive amounts of ice cream and slushies.







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