Brenda Rangel

The time I tapped into the chocolate business 🍫😊

I am going to tweak this topic a bit and talk about the time I sold candy in high school.

I was on the tennis team all four years of high school and a big form of fundraising for players was selling candy. Every year, the school would give us a box of candy bags that sold for $1 each. And once we would sell through our box, we would then pick up another box until we reached our goal. Reaching my goal was never an issue and every year I always ended with credit in my “tennis account.”

Anyway, it was during my junior year that I realized that if I kept the candy box, instead of trashing it once I sold through all my candy, I could go to the store and buy candy lower than $1 and sell it for a profit.

For instance, I would go to the store and buy 3 chocolates for a $1 (back then, 3 for $1 was a sale that would regularly run at my local market store). I would fill my box with better candy than what my school would offer, which would give me more customers and an even faster turnaround. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have taken advantage of the situation but hey, I was a teen in high school and it was just chocolate. If anyone has read "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh, I find that what I did in high school is similar to what Tony did with pizzas in college -- we both saw an opportunity and decided to jump on it.  

That’s my “first job" in a nutshell. I don’t know how much money exactly I made, but it was enough that I didn’t have to ask my parents for prom money.


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