Missa Romero

The Kakapo

Kakapos, also called owl parrots, are nocturnal flightless parrots that weigh 9 pounds and stand 2 feet tall. They are an endangered species and until recently could only be found on Codfish Island in New Zealand.  Scientist have relocated small groups to 2 more New Zealand Islands to help the Kakapo species, their odd appearance and unique personalities have encouraged many to help in the recovery process. Even though Kakapos are flightless and bulky they still manage to get around by using their beak as an extra claw to climb trees. The Kakapo’s diet consist mostly of seeds from one plant, and only reproduce when there is an abundance of the plant which occurs once every four years. There must be something special in the seeds that these birds eat because their average lifespan is 95 years.


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