Lauren Almeida

Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is the single biggest sporting event of the year. Some people watch it for the actual game (go sports!), but a good handful watch it just for the ads. Being on the Paid Media Team and all, I wanted to analyze the advertising side of things.
Year after year, commercials seem to be very polarizing, but it seems like that's the advertiser's goal. You'll keep watching it, it'll provoke you somehow, and then you'll want to talk about it. Boom. Now that brand's name is in your head, and now the commercial is on your colleagues mind after you've had a conversation about it. Advertising during the Super Bowl now seems to be a game on it's own. It's a fight between big companies to see who can get the biggest celebrity endorsement, the oddest jokes, and other bizarre strategies to get people talking.
In recent years, brands have been launching their commercials early. The Rolling Stone even critiqued this 60 second ad with Chance The Rapper and Backstreet Boys as if it were a full feature film. Do you care? Should we care? Are Doritos even good???
Enjoy the game!
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