Nery Solano

Story Time with Nery

I'm sitting in a hammock as I write this; one end tied to my old white van, the other to a tree I am staring at. 


I have always seen my life as a series of stories. Some exciting and compelling, others not as interesting. 


The wind is gently blowing, rocking me slightly, filling the area with the sweet scent of pine. 


What these stories do is allow me to find who I am through creating them, remembering them, and re-telling them. 


The tree begins to creak as the breeze picks up. The low, steady sound soothes my racing mind. I've had quite a bit on my mind lately, but what keeps me going are these stories. 


I begin to doze off as I run through some of my favorites. This one may not be as exciting as others, but these stories are all I have and I encourage you to find and re-tell yours.


Now that I got that out of my system, let me tell you a fun-er one (lol). 


As we make our way down this long trail to one of my favorite hot springs (you know if you watched the SlideBelts snap/insta story). I am carrying a bag with all the supplies we need: sunscreen, towels, extra diapers, some know, the essentials. On top of that, I have to carry one of the kiddos (I guess they get tired really easily). We get there and the river has overflowed into the hot spring (noooo). The long hike for nothing... but then, we notice a steady stream of steam coming from behind a tree! 


We ended up finding a new, more secret hot spring!  


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