Nery Solano

Story Time with Nery

A semi-sleepless night and early morning drive. Wanting to sleep but the excitement of the unknown keeps sleep away. The drive starts like many others a long paved road leading out of the city. As the car passes a sign that says, Hot Creek Campsite the count begins. "one" the first dirt turn off is in the rearview mirror. "Two" beginning to slow down. This alpine lake is said to be three dirt roads past the campsite. "Three" almost missing the turn a cloud of dust appears and the car makes its way down this dirt road pointed straight towards the mountain ahead.

The drive can only be made by a four-wheel drive vehicle, a great appreciation for the capability of our vehicles was felt as it flexed and warped through the rocky terrain. The road turned from dirt to rock as it climbed to the higher reaches of the mountain.

As we crested over the peak and the road turned downward; all I could see was the color. This wonderful pale turquoise that calmed me inexplicably.

Nothing could be wrong with this trip. Until we notice the back left tire looked low, and we had no spare...

But, hike back to get help was quite the adventure too but that is a story for another time.


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