Saranya Prakash

Sheeba ❤️

I love dogs. 13 years back I wouldn't have said the same. I was afraid of dogs. That time we had a doberman named Sheeba. She was very dear to my grandpa but  seemed ferocius to me. If she comes home, until she settles down in a place I ll never leave my sofa. I was around 7th grade when she passed away. Everyone in our family were so sad. We missed her. A year after that, someone came home and changed the way I see dogs. I still remember the day so clearly, on Oct 13th eve, it was raining and as usual after school I came home and dropped my bags in the usual place and when I turned around, I saw a very tiny creature standing behind me making some noise. I was so shocked and screamed for my mom to rescue me. ( I was really very scared of dogs). My mom came and told me she was our new pet (named Sheeba again in memory of our old dog). Sheeba was 30 days old puppy when she came home. It took me few days to even hold her but sooner even before I realised she became so close to me, more like my younger sibling. We slept together in same bed, fed her with my hands if she doesnt complete her food, played with her, spoke to her when was sad, bathed her and she was everything to me. She was too much pampered and spoilt by us. Unfortunately she got cancer and we had to let her go. It was the most heartbreaking time for me. We still love her so much and miss her. Even if I get a dog again (which I will someday), will name her Sheeba only. I personally have so much memories with our baby dog Sheeba. Here are some pics of her.


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