Kaliska Wootton


The signs that spring is coming are everywhere, trees blooming, bird migration, and swimsuits at Target. If you’ve been having the urge to come out of hibernation and gorge on berries don’t worry, it just natures way of saying good morning. Spring is a beautiful time of year in Sacramento and I am certainly looking forward to it.

The inspiration for this post comes from a series I’ve been watching: One Strange Rock on Netflix. It's a great show if you're into Planet Earth-type documentaries. What makes it unique are two big factors. Firstly it explains Earth’s systems from astronauts’ perspective. Secondly it really highlights how EVERYTHING is connected.

You may know that the reason our planet even has seasons is because of the angle of the Earth’s axis. Without the angle, half the planet would be covered in ice (like the polar caps) and the other half would be incredibly hot (like much of the equator). Most life on Earth does the best in the in-between, more temperate zones. As the Earth rotates the angled axis gives the planet’s atmosphere a gentle stir.

One marketer’s thoughts on seasons:

Will Smith (One Strange Rock’s narrator) will tell you about how seasonality has huge impacts on the planet’s landscapes. I would argue that it also affects most businesses. Retail is certainly one of them. Think about why you’re buying what you buy for the next couple of months. Do you start getting more vegetables as what is seasonally available changes? Are you getting some outdoor gear in preparation for some summer adventures? Do you buy less tea now that there are less rainy days? Do you spend more or less money in general? The fact is we are creatures of habits and very responsive to seasonal messages marketers send us. We build routines around season because we are biologically wired to. Simply being aware of this can help curb the need to splurge on spring sales. How many sundresses do I need anyway?



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