Rick Lilley

Sci-Fi, Hip Hop and Wrestling

Here are a few things that I stumbled upon during the lock-down and  a few old favorites that I go back to from time to time.


  1. American Jihadi: If any of you are fans of Serial, this podcast reminded me a lot of season two. The entire series is made up of eight episodes that average about 20 minutes each describing the life and path of an American from Alabama who moved to Somalia and joined a militant Islamist group.
  2. The City (Season 2: Reno): This podcast caught my attention because of my own relationship with Reno. Throughout my twenties a couple of my good friends lived there so I spent a lot of time there. It is a place I know well and it holds a soft spot in my heart. This podcast dives into the struggle currently going on there between the old guard and the “seedy” reputation that the city was built on and the incoming tech industry's desire to clean it up. 
  3. People’s Party with Talib Kweli: This is probably my favorite podcast right now and I recommend it to any fan of hip hop. Talib Kweli is the host and he has conversations with some of my favorite emcees of all time and it is really cool to hear those firsthand conversations about hip hop history.

TV Shows:

  1. Into the Badlands: The entire series is on Netflix now and it is amazing. It is basically Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets Game of Thrones set in a post-apocalyptic western. If that does not sound awesome to you, I guess we have different definitions of awesome(haha).
  2. Another Life: This one is on Netflix as well. It is a basically Sci-Fi horror. It mostly takes place on a spaceship where the team is traveling to a distant planet to make contact with an alien species.
  3. Dark Side of the Ring: Dark Side of the Ring is a documentary series on Viceland. Each episode covers a different person or event in the history of wrestling. The characters involved in and around wrestling are absolutely insane. From psychosis to murder, the stories are all interesting. You do not have to be a fan of wrestling or even know who the people are to enjoy it, but if you did watch wrestling as a kid, I guarantee you will like it. They are currently airing season 2.
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