Kenny Boutte-Nears

Proud Uncle

This past weekend we celebrated my nephew's 11th birthday in the Bay Area. It's crazy to think that the same baby boy I held and sang nursery rhymes to is almost a teenager! Let me take a moment to brag about my nephew for a bit. He is one of the most amazing, outgoing, loving, and likable individuals I have encountered in my life. He’s also extremely smart, having been evaluated by a psychologist at the age of 8, he tested with the intelligence level of a 16 to 18-year-old.  He also ranked as “genius” in perceptual reasoning and one other scale. Ask him about space and he’ll tell you all about the cosmos, he’ll ask you if you believe there are extraterrestrials (and yes, he will use the term “extraterrestrials”), he’ll also make sure you are aware of the various theories behind multiple dimensions, and if you say something that is incorrect and false he will very politely say, “Well, actually, Uncle Kenny, that is incorrect” and then proceed to kindly inform you of what is accurate.


I recall him being 6 or 7 years old and him using words that would make us adults drop our jaws in awe. Not only did he know how to correctly pronounce these very advanced words, but he would also use them correctly in sentences. This shouldn’t have come as much surprise considering he was never the kid who would get in trouble for playing with toys under his blanket when it was time for bed; he would get in trouble for READING under his blanket when it was way past his bedtime!


I’m done rambling about him because I could go on and on. Plus, his head doesn’t need to get any bigger than it is.


I love you to the furthest galaxy and back MJ, and Uncle Kenny is so very proud of you!



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