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Passt schon...

First, a little Loopception - An announcement from Courtney in a post by Emmeline, who has taken over Matt’s normal Loop day:

"We have a brand new Crusader starting this morning. Be sure to welcome Taylor as our newest PGSS!"


Welcome Taylor!

A new phrase I have picked up by living in Bavaria, is “passt schon”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with German phonetics and Bavaria dialects, it’s pronounced “bahst show”. This is a very important phrase to know here in Bavaria, because it’s thrown around like socks in the dryer. A lot.


Are you sick?   Passt schon. (Yes, but it’s not bothering me.)
How’s work going?    Passt schon. (It’s alright.)
Sorry I’m late!    Passt schon. (All good, man!)
That will be 18€.     Here’s 20€, passt schon. (Keep the change.)
Yes, well I think that… oh… no... passt schon. (Nevermind.)

There’s such a variety of uses for this small little phrase, and I find myself using it often as well. But I feel like it is such a half-hearted thing. On average, the nicest compliment you will get in Bavaria is that something “passt schon”. It’s alright, fine, good enough.


Most Germans take this approach to guest service as well. Guest service here is not guest service as we know it in the US, and it is definitely not SlideBelts guest service. I was on the phone with a certain parcel carrier just yesterday, and had to wait for the woman to complete her audible 7-second sigh before continuing to explain that I had received a bill for a package I had never received.


Don't get me wrong - Germany is great! And I love Bavaria too! But this experience, among others, makes me eternally grateful for you all. For SlideBelts and its positivity and its continual endeavor to be beyond excellent. To be the best. We don't do anything half-heartedly and we don't let anyone feel just ok. And that is awesome. 


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