Olivia Wilson

Moss Balls!

I had no idea that Marimo moss balls existed until Alex showed me a picture of one one day. I love learning about new things, and these moss balls are actually pretty interesting little plants (that are also really hard to kill, aka right up my alley). If you're like me and you love plants, but somehow can't manage to keep them alive, moss balls might be the desk plant for you...

Here's some fun facts about a little plant you may have never heard of! It may come in handy at trivia night one day:

- Marimo, a Japanese word which literally translates to “seaweed ball” are not moss at all - they’re actually a rare form of spherical algae.
- They grow just 5 mm per year.
- Their natural habitats are in freshwater lakes in Japan, Estonia, Iceland, Scotland, and Australia.
- In these natural habitats, they've been known to grow to a diameter of 8-12 inches.
- Legend tells of two lovers who desired nothing more than to be together. When their love was forbidden, they fell into the water, and their hearts became Marimo balls. Marimo are said to bring your heart’s desire to both giver and receiver.  


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