Kaliska Wootton

Money Money Moneyyyy

In preparation for the SlideBelts RegA+ launch, I’ve learned a lot about investing. This has made me think more about how my financial health and how I am using my money to prepare for what I want in the future. Thinking about finances can be stressful for me because I know so little about this subject. After some research here is an entry-level strategy for getting started that’s helped me out.

The 50/30/20 Rule

This is a good starting point for knowing what you can afford and knowing how much you can/should save.

  • 50% of your income goes to needs (rent, bills food, etc). 
  • 30% goes to wants (going to restaurants, concerts, fun stuff). 
  • 20% towards financial goals. Personally, I put the last 20% in savings. 5% towards my 401K and the other 15% to my savings account*.

Of course, these are guidelines, not actual rules and what some people would call needs may be others’ wants. For example, an unlimited yoga membership goes under my needs category but some people would say that’s definitely a want. Also, these percentages may change based on your priorities. If you want to buy a house soon so putting aside 20% might not cut it. Or if you have a high-interest loan you should focus on paying that off sooner. Finances may feel like a future-you problem, but the sooner you get started the easier it is to reach your goals!

*I send my 15% straight to my savings account through Gusto, this way it is always separate from my spending money and not easily available to me.

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