Trevor Cummings

It's Over $140,000!!!

Hey Team,

First - Some EXCITING NEWS!!! Yesterday, our SlideBelts Animal Friendly Line appeared on Amazons DEAL OF THE DAY and generated over 140,000 dollars!!! We sold 4,200 units. Steller!

Here is a graphic to help give that number some context:



So, I guess I've been turning into an Elon Musk fan-boy lately. In my defense, every time I open up my news feed this guy is popping up making history. I'm sure many of you heard about the SpaceX rocket launch on Tuesday (a few of us had the chance to tune in and witness the event live).Overall, that launch was an extreme success even though there were thousands of things that could have gone wrong, and Elon himself giving the mission a 50/50 chance of surviving. Elon not only successfully launched his rocket into orbit, he also put his personal car on it as payload and it's now on it's way to mars.

These rockets, deemed Falcon Heavy, are the most powerful rockets to date by a factor of 2. They are also significantly cheaper then any other rocket when you consider that they are able to recycle the rockets due to their landing technology. That's right, the freaking rockets land themselves after detaching in our atmosphere! 

Some snippets I caught from one of his press conferences:

* Several launches per year

* Can launch things directly to Pluto

* He wants a new "space race" to start between private companies and governments

* SpaceX plans on shuttling hundreds of humans to the Moon or MARS!

* They can now launch even larger satellites into orbit for military and corporation-type use. 

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