Kenny Boutte-Nears

It's A Girl!!!

Two weekends ago my best friend, Mark, and his wife, Tori, came to Sacramento to have breakfast with my fiancée and me. After marrying November of last year they were open about their intention to get pregnant within the first year. For the past few months, every time we hop on Xbox Live with our other friend David, David and I are constantly asking Mark when he’s going to make us uncles (no pressure right?). Well, a few minutes after we were seated at the restaurant Mark turns to me and says, “Don’t be mad. I didn’t technically lie to you, but I wanted to tell you in person. Tori’s 14 weeks pregnant!”.

Knowing how important being a father is to him and how much they both want a child, I was filled with immense joy and just gave him the broest of bro hugs right there in the booth. And this was just the beginning of the joy that ensued that day. Mark explained that at Tori’s 12-week appointment the doctor wasn’t certain of the gender but that he would be able to confirm the gender at her 16-week appointment. Well Mark, with his impatience, found a place in the Arden area that does walk-in ultrasounds. It was so cool seeing his face just beam with excitement as the technician performed the ultrasound, seeing the baby’s spine, feet, head and hands. We even got to hear the heart beat! The caption in the picture is so adequate that right after leaving from finding out the gender, we went to the mall to buy his baby girl some clothes.


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