Kenny Boutte-Nears

It Can Only Get Better From Here... Right?

Last Wednesday I woke up to hundreds of ants in my kitchen, specifically invading my pantry. It was one of those, “Oh you have got to be kidding me!” moments. Needless to say, I was late to work and had to throw out every sugary item in my pantry. 

I thought the week could only get better from there. Uh, wrong. On my way home from the gym Thursday night, my right rear tire went off the road slightly on a section where there’s about a 6 inch drop from the paved road to the gravel on the shoulder. After a loud bang, then a pop, I pulled over to find my tire was flat. Let me tell you, it’s fun stuff changing a tire at 10:30pm on the shoulder of a pitch-black, two-lane road (please excuse my sarcasm). At this point I’m thinking it’s only going to cost me about $150 to replace the tire and everything will be all good. Once again I was wrong.

The next morning I arrive at the tire shop and find out that the rim is bent. As I make my way on the freeway to pick up a new rim from the dealer, a rock hits my windshield and immediately a dime sized chip surfaces. Oh, and the rim set me back another $450.

So last week was rough, not so much because of what transpired, but that it all transpired within 48 hours. My anxiety was through the roof with the unsettling anticipation of something else bad happening; however, I took a few moments to step back and assess my situation. I realized that things could have been much worse and that I still had everything that matters most: my loved ones, my health and my safety. After completing this assessment I couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction, knowing that I wasn’t going to let the unfortunate things in life consume me and ruin my weekend.

Unfortunate events, regardless of magnitude, will take place in our lives. In these moments it's good to count your blessings and remember that your attitude often dictates your outcome.


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