Meagan Torres

Invisible Forces

Fitness coach, Ben Greenfield, claims there are 4 invisible forces we need make quality in our lives for overall health. Here is an extremely short version of a podcast I listened to with him speaking on these topics!


We need clean & quality: 

  1. AirMy expert advice is to take a breather in Tahoe but if that's not an immediate option then Greenfield suggests solutions such as oil diffusers/ nebulizers in your home: Rosemary for memory; peppermint and cinnamon for cognition; lavender and rose for relaxing. 
  2. Light - We all know we need to block blue light but we cannot escape florescent lights which are mostly composed of the blue light spectrum. At home, Greenfield recommends incandescent lights. Also, to help offset blue light damage, fluorescent light damage and improve our circadian rhythm we must get as much sunlight as possible right after waking up. :D
  3. Water - Add minerals back into your filtered/purified water. Ie: Celtic Sea Salt, drink out of glass not plastic.
  4. Electricity - Limiting blue tooth technology in your environment. Keep your phone in airplane mode when you can. Grounding and earthing! Which means walking in grass or on the earth without shoes.

This topic is kind of out there but really interesting. Thanks for reading!

<3 Megz




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