Theo Nault

In the wake of Rapport.

One theme that I was continuously forced to face at Rapport, was stepping out of my comfort zone. I take pride in doing new things, going places I've never been before, challenging myself to not settle, but I never really appreciated why until this week.


Stepping out of your comfort zone is the catalyst for change. You might be asking yourself, "what's wrong with me now, why should I change?" but that phrase in itself is so dangerous. Change isn't supposed to be comfortable, it should challenge you, make you resist or adhere and ultimately allow for growth. When you think good is good enough, you aren't truly doing anything at your full potential.


So challenge yourself, do something you normally wouldn't, make conversation with a stranger, go see a movie by yourself, or do something as easy as speaking with unbroken eye contact when you order your coffee. Take something away from that experience and let yourself grow from it. Do something that makes you uncomfortable, embrace the weirdness, and know next time it won't be as weird. In that moment of diminishing weirdness, know that you have grown.  



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