Courtney Eilhardt

I have this cat...

(Good Morning Crusaders. We'd first like to inform the company that Trevor N. is no longer with SlideBelts. We appreciate his contributions over his time here, and wish him best in the future with both his personal and professional endeavors.)


So I rescued a cat a few months back. I found her on my property emaciated, sick, and frail. It was obvious she’d been on her own for quite some time, and she was definitely less than a year old, so what else could I do? After nursing her back to health, getting her fixed, and giving her all her necessary shots, needless to say she is very thankful. I named her Spanky at the time (not sure just seemed fitting, and I have a weird thing for animal names, as my dog Bearison Ford will tell you).


Anyways, she now has a new nickname. I lovingly refer to her as “Gopher-Guts” because for almost every day without fail in the last few months, I have been greeted when I get home by a gopher in her mouth at the front door. She refuses to eat it until I have seen it, acknowledged it, and patted her on the head. I’ve tested this by the sits on my doorstep for hours until I do this, and then almost immediately after she will eat it.


I have two theories about Gopher-Guts at this point:

Either A: she is a very thankful kitty, and she feels she is doing me a service by ridding my pasture of gophers once and for all...

Or B: This is a silent threat that says “If you ever stop feeding me, this will be you one day”


I’m going to base this loop on the first theory, but I’m still only about 80% sure it’s the right one. She's pretty savage.

Moral of the story is: take a lesson from Gopher-Guts, and never stop being thankful to those who have helped you along the way to be where you are now. This goes for parents, mentors, bosses, friends, teachers, etc...anyone who deserves a thank you. Don't ever be afraid to acknowledge the attributions of others to your success. It doesn't take away from your accomplishments or hard work at all. A simple “Thank you so much for helping me get where I am today. You helped me in ___ areas.” goes a long way to remind people of the positive impact they've had in your life. And if it doesn’t, you can always bring dead gophers to their doorsteps.



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