Meagan Torres

I Am

I've been focusing on the way I speak lately and I heard something really cool in one of the podcasts I listen to about the the power behind 3 little letters. 


The words, "I am", are said to be the most powerful in the human language. Anything you say after determines your destiny. This may seem silly but it's not! Focus on what you say about yourself to yourself and to others. You may also use "I am" while meditating (haven't tried this yet) but you breath in and say "I am", then breath out, "affirmation" fill in the rest with whatever you want to use as your mantra.


Here are some examples that I think pertain to you guys! Use 'em or create your own. (:




I am adventurous, I am strong, I am tenacious, I am powerful, I am patient, I am fortunate, I am energetic, I am honest, I am educated, I am wise, I am business savvy, I am financially prosperous, I am generous, I am magnificent, I am a great communicator, I am a leader, I am brilliant, I am creating an awesome life. 


Lastly, I am grateful you read my loop today. :D  Thanks byeee!

<3 Megz


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