Michelle Whitehead

How (Not) to Save Snow

I recently went up to visit my fiancé's family in Idaho last December and got to see snow falling from the sky for the first time ever. I've been to Disneyland where they replicate snowfall with soap and thought that was the best thing ever, but the real thing was out of this world 

As we were freezing out butts off, catching gorgeous snow falling from the sky, I had the sweetest memory of the first time I ever saw snow when I was just six years old.  

I remember even then how magical I thought snow was! I even wanted to bring it home with me to California, I wanted to keep it safe and be able to touch it whenever I wanted to. I slyly looked around, saw that no one was watching me, and put a giant fistful (for a 6 year old) into my jacket pocket.  

I forgot about the secret snow in my pocket until we got home much later that night. Excitedly, I shoved my hand in my pocket to touch my secret snow ball and was horrified! Someone must have taken it, it was gone! I was left with a cold, wet pocket and just knew that some had stolen my snow... It was probably my older sister. I mean, in a six-year old's head, why on earth would glorious snow ever melt? That would be impossible! 

When this memory popped into my head, I was overcome with laughter and had to share it with everyone. Of course, my fiancé's family made fun of me for the next week, but it was totally worth it.  

For all of you experiencing snow out there, put a handful in your pocket for me  

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